Commanding Officer Mickey Serendipity


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Commanding Officer Mickey Serendipity

Name Mickey Serendipity

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commanding Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Place Of Birth Armstrong Station, Luna
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 112kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Solid would be the term to use. Being a Luna born makes him tall, but that also means since a young age he's been on the calcium boosters and steroid cocktails all humans need to grow up healthy in low gee.


Family Somewhere there is either a very happy couple or a very happy test tube.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mickey Serendipity is such a corny name it screams alias. But it's also just corny enough to be a real name if you don't look at it too close. Tp that end Mickey doesn't pry into the personal lives of others, and he expects the same treatment in return. This doesn't mean he's an introvert who spends all his days stuck in his cabin, boots off, with his toes wriggling in a planter of soil going all bibbledy.

Like any good executive officer, he keeps the crew in line with a mixture of routine, rules, humour and on occasion judicial use of force. Ask more than tell, but shout loudly on the second pass. He defers to the CO in times of decision, out of something verging on respect or perhaps military dogma.
Strengths & Weaknesses Does not let much past the skin when it comes to his private life. If he has a private life. Maybe it's in a petri dish in his cabin?

Has an addiction to news data bursts. If he's in the common room watching a broadcast from one of the pirate news stations, may divine help seek out the person who changes the channel.
Ambitions He seems like a happy cog in the happy machine that is the SS Albatross. Most people seek advancement or save up their money for that big score they never seem to get to.

Personal History He probably has some somewhere. Might be in his cabin. Maybe he left it in a safety deposit box on Ceres Station?
Employment Record “Soldiers follow orders. Regardless. The moment you refuse to carry out an order, you’re no longer a soldier. You’re just a paid killer trying to renegotiate your contract.”