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Passenger Emma Yonkers

Name Emma Zelda Yonkers

Position MCRN Agent

Rank Passenger

Character Information

Gender Female
Place Of Birth Bunker Hill Mariner Valley
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 175
Hair Color Dark Chocolate Brown, mistaken as black in most light. Dyed to have a shimmer of purple. Cut short, only allowing a couple of inches to float about in freefall
Eye Color Hazel Green
Physical Description Emma's strong form is lean without looking overly thin with her muscles being defined by faint outlines of her flesh. Emma has a stern, hard-edged, freckled heart-shaped face with almond shaped hazel green eyes. In the marines she got tattoos etched down her backbone starting at the hairline and continuing down to the top of her tail bone. Her hair is kept short, allowing only a few inches to float about in freefall.


Family Her Father, Richard Yonkers, is a ship pilot running passengers between Mars and the outer colonies. Her Mother, Zelda Yonkers, is a Child care director on Mars, teaching and watching over the children of Mars

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emma is a very misunderstood figure. She places on a mask of indifference and uncaring, and this cold shell is what most see. She tries to ignore her emotions in any official case, fearing that she is too soft, and unfit for her responsibilities. Beneath it all, she is a warm person with perhaps too much sympathy. Very few know her true self, and few ever will. She has repeatedly put herself into harm's way so that the rest of the squad could be pulled out safely. In her free time she works with her personal weapons and works out, so that all the equipment involved is in peak performance. Other times she prefers to find a quiet warm spot to read old dime store military serials.
Strengths & Weaknesses Training, determination, and drive are strengths, her weaknesses are all within the personal relationship areas, she finds it hard to make friends and even harder to have any other relationships that are deeper.
Ambitions Her ambitions are simple, she wanted adventure when she joined the Marines, when the most exciting thing she did was boarding actions for inspections she wanted more. After she retired she went to work as a grunt at a Terraforming unit, until the moon died and adventure found her.

Personal History Born in the neighborhood of Bunker Hill within the settlement of Mariner Valley, to Richard and Zelda Yonkers. Through her childhood Emma was always getting into trouble, going off to explore as much as she could, even sneaking out onto the valley floor with a stolen respirator. She continued through school getting into fights and barely passing and graduating. With her grades she wasn’t going to be able to be the pilot like her father liked she had hoped. So instead of going to work in ice mines or becoming an algae farmer, she joined the Martian Marines.

Through boot and training, she found the discipline she had been lacking in her youth. Working hard and falling into a life she felt was going to lead to the big exciting life she grew up wanting, she moved up the ranks. Boarding actions against smuggling and pirates, kept her years as close to eventful as it could be. Daily training at 1g kept her body and mind fit, for the supposed war against Earth, which never came. After a tour at one of the bootcamps as a drill instructor, she retired and ended up working at Terraforming unit, as a glorified janitor.

Then the moon died.
Employment Record Martian Congressional Republic Navy Marine, 42nd Force Recon. Ret Gunnery Sergeant
Terraforming unit 12, maintenance.
Albatross’s MCRN Agent.