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Passenger Aisling Dennehy

Name Aisling Dennehy

Position Civilian

Rank Passenger

Character Information

Gender Female
Place Of Birth Ganymede, Jovian System
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Glacial Blue
Physical Description Aisling is of average height and athletic. She has long raven black hair that she typically braids, the degree of which depends on the situation, but mostly she opted for a simple French braid. She has glacial blue eyes and wears minimal minimal make-up, usually only for off-ship occasions.

As her job requires her to be in a vacsuit 90% of the time, she owns several different ones so she can add a little variety into her day. Off-ship she typically wears tight jeans, calf-height boots, and a practical jacket; Though she will make a slight effort for a special occasion by swapping her practical jacket for a more formal button-less blazer on top.


Family Aoife Dennehy, 53, mother
Padraig Dennehy, 54. Father

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aisling is a strong-willed individual who knows what she wants and is never afraid to share it with others. She can be perceived as rude and confrontational most of the time and is rarely concerned with the concept of authority, but is willing to toe the line when appropriate in order to keep doing what she enjoys - a majority of pilots spent their lives being a subordinate to somebody. She meets challenges head-on and will fight tooth and nail for what she thinks is right. She is stubborn as a mule and will rarely back down until she realises she’s in the wrong, and even then it can take time before she’ll apologise - which she always does eventually.

Since her time with Vector Red and spending time with Delphi she has become more comfortable with the idea of the OPA and what they fought for. She isn’t quite at the point of getting a ring tattoo but definitely feels herself becoming more inclined to support the freedom fighters and their cause.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Skilled Pilot
+ Determined
+ Confident
- Stubborn
- Rude
- Defiant
Ambitions A younger Aisling wanted nothing more than to become a race pilot but as she’s grown older she’d simply be content with a position that was more permanent and stable.