Executive Officer Kenneth McTigue


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Executive Officer Kenneth McTigue

Name Kenneth 'Ken' McTigue

Position Engineer

Rank Executive Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Place Of Birth Joint British Interet Zone - Galway, Ireland
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 83kg
Hair Color Black with a hint of silver starting to show through
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Ken is a wiry man, little more on him than skin, muscle and bone. He usually wears his engineer's jumpsuit when on board, occasionally unzipping the top to tie around his waist showing his collection of stolen t-shirts. His upper right arm has a UNMC insignia tattoo just under the sleeve with a scar bisecting it. He keeps a short, rough beard at all times. His left eyebrow has a scar through the hair.


Family Mister McTigue - Ken's father.
Mrs. McTigue - Ken's mother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Patient, jovial, and a little bit of an asshole. Ken tends to get along with most people. Just don't call him Kenneth, only his ma and pa get to call him that. Also don't call him McTigue, he stopped listening to that some years ago.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Plenty of patience. Nothing much gets under his skin these days.
+ Enjoys his work. Ken enjoys tinkering with his Epstein Drive, his life support systems. Hell, he even takes a certain satisfaction from replacing that fucking water filter between the fucking hulls.
+ Is protective of his home. The Albatross is his home. Nobody messes with his home.

- When his patience runs out certain drilled behaviour appears.
- Can lose sight of the bigger picture when getting in the minutia of his work.
- There might be a few warrents out for his arrest.

Personal History Ken doesn't ask questions, and he doesn't answer them. At least not unless there are copious amounts of whisky or vodka involved.
Employment Record He's been on the Albatross since its beginning. That's all you need to know about, don't worry.