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Medical Officer Alex Garcia

Name Alex Torres Garcia

Position Medic

Rank Medical Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Place Of Birth Londres Nova, Mars
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 173 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Alex is about average height, and with an athletic, muscular build. He has olive skin and glossy black hair that he keeps trimmed short. His face, other than a well-maintained goatee, is always clean-shaven. His eyes, a deep brown, show him to be an attentive, curious man, with a lot of soul, and are often the only way to tell what direction his emotions are going. When on duty he wears mag boots, with black BDU's tucked into them, and a black tunic. Off duty he's often still found in his boots and BDU's, though the tunic is often removed, leaving him in just his white tank top. His voice is quite deep, and sonorous, and still slightly accented towards Spanish, due to growing up in a household that mostly speaks that language. He has no tattoos, wears only a rosary by way of any "jewelry", and is left-handed.


Family Alex's father, Josue, was an MCRN from the day he was old enough to apply, and his mother, Maria was a mid-level functionary in the city government in Londres Nova. His only sibling, Eli, nearly a decade older than him, is a police officer in the Londres Nova Police Department.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alex is very much still a military man. He thrives on routine, on structure, and on order, and hides everything about himself behind a hard shell of stoic resolve. He is not easy to get to know, he is not overly friendly, but he's damn good at what he does, and he is absolutely devoted to his career as a medical officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent, strong-willed, and driven, are the best adjectives to describe Alex from a positive point of view. On the flip side, he's arrogant, opinionated, and incredibly cold as a general rule.
Ambitions To find a way to reverse the crushing loss of his career in the MCRN and redeem himself in the eyes of the people he devoted more than a decade of his life to so he can return to active duty and continue saving lives.

Personal History Alex was born in the city of Londres Nova, on Mars, on June 27, 2313 to Josue and Maria Garcia. He would grow up a rather normal child, with the normal experiences of school and friends, and play, as well as a rather strict Catholic upbringing. He was constantly exposed to beliefs about duty, honor, and achievement, which would lead him to develop a drive to succeed in his life.

When he was sixteen years old Alex put in for an advance program that would allow him to graduate a year earlier than expected, and immediately upon graduation applied to join the MCRN to follow in his father's footsteps. He was accepted, and because of his scores on the exams, he was immediately placed into the officer training academy, on a medical track.

After completing his training he was granted the rank of Lieutenant and placed aboard a hospital ship for his more comprehensive, hands-on training as a medical officer. From there his career would begin to flesh out to be exactly what he'd always hoped for. He would spend the next sixteen years on various ships, and in various positions, before becoming the chief medical officer of the MCRN Benedick.

Three years later, he would find his career in shambles, and his life adrift, and without meaning. A single incident of indiscretion and it all blew up in his face. For six months he would wake up in strange places, often completely unaware of how he even arrived there, sometimes clothed, more often not, and just as likely to have lost everything he'd had in his pockets as to still have them. It wasn't until his brother, Eli, was the one to wake him up, after the landlord of the skeezy motel he found himself in, called to report a squatter. He had no idea how he'd gotten there, no idea who he was with, or how he got in, and no money to pay for the room.

It took him almost another six months, but with Eli's help he was able to reform himself and get himself back into the discipline, and routine he'd always found so much comfort in while he was part of the MCRN. He began looking for gainful employment again, after realizing he'd decimated his savings, and was now only a month or two away from being homeless, or begging his family for a place to stay, and somehow lucked out. A ship, the Albatross, was looking for a medic, and he just happened to fit the bill.
Employment Record MCRN Medical Corps - 19 yrs
Various Ships - Lt. thru Cmdr.