Medical Officer Florian McLennan


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Medical Officer Florian McLennan

Name Florian McLennan

Position Medic

Rank Medical Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 189 cm (5 ft. 10)
Weight 75 kg (161 lbs.)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Greek-Australian descent, with dark hair and striking green eyes. Boyish features. Somewhat athletic build but could only last so long in a fist fight. Mischievious smile.


Family No longer in contact with his parents or any extended family. No siblings.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Can come across as reckless, goofy, erratic, inept and clueless. Easily distracted and can be described as a loose cannon at times - feisty and quick-tempered, but always up for a laugh and adventure. Some see him as a liability, but he is also brave and loyal to a fault, always coming first to defend his mates at any turn.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Adventurous
+ Trustworthy

+ Fearless
- Impetuous
- Short-tempered

Personal History Florian 'Flo' McLennan was born in Bendigo, an inland city located in the geographical centre of the Australian state of Victoria, overcrowded with the recent generations of migrants fleeing the coast's rising sea levels. He came from a home of relative poverty and suffered a troubled upbringing. His mother left when he was young; his father was an alcoholic, could never keep a job down and would often abuse his son.

At the age of 17, Flo stole a stash of money from his father and fled for good, aimlessly making his way across the country, then eventually hopping his way from port to port until he reached the Belt. He spent the next several years working a variety of unrelated jobs on Ceres, as well as on trade vessels in the region. Eventually most of his work consisted of food preparation/catering, to which he became proficient to an extent.

Outside of his casual work, Flo drowned himself in what he could of his sad life's only pleasures - drugged-up parties, petty crime, alcohol and sex. He was eventually introduced to minor-league drug-dealing, but very quickly proved his incompetence. With a small bounty on his head, Flo realised he could no longer stay on Ceres, and once again fled from his second home, vanishing into the Belt's vast network of trade routes.