Ships Engineer Delphi Jammer


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Ships Engineer Delphi Jammer

Name Delphi Odesa Jammer

Position Engineer

Rank Ships Engineer

Character Information

Gender Female
Place Of Birth Ceres Station
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 7ft1
Hair Color Black hair which she keeps dyed blue
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Delphi has the proportions of someone born in microgravity, the very tall, thin, lanky form that is common with belters. Delphi is tall, even among belters, she is tall at just over seven feet in height. Despite her odd null g proportions, Delphi is attractive, with a rounded slightly hawkish face, a combination of Medeterrainian and Asian heritage. She had large violet eyes and long locks of thick, wavy black hair, which she keeps dyed electric blue. Delphi has several tattoos on various parts of her body, most notably the split circle of the OPA, though that tattoo is not in a place visible in regular clothing.


Family Delphi is an only child. Her parents are Garrison and Nyssa, both engineers currently living on Ceres

Personality & Traits

General Overview Delphi is a kind, compassionate, if not a bit cynical, dedicated woman. She loves her work, her fellow belters and friends. She is a die hard engineer. She lives and breaths engines, reactors and mechanical systems. Delphi believes in being kind to all those around her as much as she can, but years in space and dealing with enough non-belter's has taught her that not everyone is kind and has left her with a level of weariness and cynicism towards outsiders and those she does not know. Once her trust is earned, she is a dedicated, steadfast friend through thick and thin. Once her ire is earned, she is not someone to have as an enemy. Delphi dislikes violence and confrontation immensely and will do her best to find a peaceful solution to a problem, but she will also do anything to defend her family, friends and shipmates.
Strengths & Weaknesses Delphi is dedicated to a fault. She will get a job done no matter what, even at her own detriment.
Ambitions Delphi is an engineer through and through, but also, she likes to tinker and create. She has grand schemes of designing and building her own ships to travel the stars.

Personal History Born to Garrison and Nyssa Jammer on Ceres station, Delphi was brought up in the spacefaring culture of the Belters; her world was microgravity, ships, engines, and engineering. Both of her parents were engineers on Ceres in her early life, then aboard ships later. She grew up around engines and engineers and mechanics and absorbed every facet of that life. She helped out with repairs from a young age, her parents teaching her everything they knew as she grew up. She was space walking with her dad at 10 in a bulky oversized vac suit, crawling around an epstein drive at 13 with her mom, rebuilding control thrusters and flight systems at 16.

It was around then that Delphi took her first real job. While she had no official training or schooling, she already had years of practical experience from her time learning from her parents and taking side jobs with them. It was just a small gig as an assistant mechanic on a rock hopper run by some family friends. After this, she started taking more jobs, with family and friends of the family first, but as time went on, she started getting job offers to help out working with other crews that knew the people she had done work for, even taking some jobs working on the station itself. When she turned 18 Delphi signed with her first long flight away from Ceres station, leaving the relative close proximity to her parents as she signed aboard the freighter Leiv Eiriksson, doing the run between Ceres and Ganymede.

This first run had been a trial of sorts to see how well she did on her own, how she handled a long haul run rather than her short stints she had been doing. She took to it pretty well. There were a few people on the ship that she already knew so she was not alone with a crew of strangers, and the Captain was someone her father had shipped with before, years ago. Delphi ended up staying with that crew for three years after the initial run to Ganymede and back. She enjoyed being out in deep space for long periods of time. The Leiv Eiriksson was an old, OLD ship that was once an exploration vessel that had long ago been converted into a bulk freighter. It took a lot of work to keep her flying and Delphi loved the challenge. She also quickly became fast friends with her fellow mechanics and engineers and had decided to stay with them all for a while for the foreseeable future by the end of her first run aboard the Leiv Eiriksson.

After three years aboard the Leiv Eriksson, she was back on Ceres, the old freighter being down in the yards for an extended overhaul to her drive and power systems, and her crew paid off. Delphi went back to visit her parents for a while, but quickly found work aboard another ship, the Calypso, with recommendation from her former captain. It was aboard this new ship that she began to take part in some activities for the Outer Planets Alliance. She had grown up in the belt, under the oppression of the inner planets. She had seen it all her life and how it had affected her parents, all the Belter people, and had never liked it. And while she had no desire to fight or be violent towards the inners, she had no issue helping with shipping supplies for the OPA, or helping fix their ships, or hardware.

Over the next few years, Delphi became more involved with the OPA, taking part in various support operations and eventually even in a couple raids to "liberate" supplies from the inners for OPA use. But even through all this, she kept her actions nonviolent, refusing to even carry a gun unless absolutely necessary and unavoidable, and even then she has never had to use one against other people, though she has practiced handling and firing guns.

In 2348 Delphi ended up aboard a small OPA ship, Swordfish, usually tasked as a courier, but also a ship that would commonly undertake missions to raid or liberate supplies and hardware from ships belonging to Earth and Mars. Some might have called it a pirate ship, but to Delphi it was just another ship and crew trying to help the Belters get the supplies they needed to survive, especially when the squeeze was being put on to shipments of food, air and water to the belt stations.

She spent a couple years on the Swordfish helping keep the old converted transport flying through its various missions. The Swordfish was a lucky little ship, taking on more and more daring and dangerous missions, until in early 2350 her luck ran out and the ship was hulled by a railgun shot from a UNN cruiser, which sent a shot blasting through her epstein drive. Most of the engineering crew was killed by the shot, Delphi herself was pretty badly hurt and would have died too if she had been closer to the drive and not in a vac suit.

She managed to get out of the ruined engine room and move forward to join the rest of the survivors who abandoned ship, taking refuge in their small shuttle which drifted away with several large chunks of the Swordfish's hull, powered down, to avoid detection by the UNN boarding parties that stormed their stricken ship minutes after their escape.

She and the survivors were on the float for almost two weeks before another ship crossed paths with them and rescued them. Delphi was pretty bad off at that point and needed to spend some time recovering from her injuries and ended up on Eros station while the rest of the late Swordfish's crew made their way back to Ceres. After her recovery, away from her usual home base, ship, crew, needing work, she signed up with the first crew she could find that was hiring, not knowing she was going to end up in an even worse situation. She had signed on with a ship belonging to Vector Red Mercantile, which operated their crews under more indentured servitude.

A year later, Delphi was stuck, out of contact and away from her OPA friends, her family on Ceres, stuck aboard a small rock hopper mining asteroids, looking for a way out.
Employment Record Ceres Station
Varios rock hoppers
Freighter Leiv Eiriksson
Freighter Calypso
OPAS Swordfish
VRM Rockhopper