Comm Tech Adrie Magana


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Comm Tech Adrie Magana

Name Adrie Magana

Position Those We Parted Ways With

Second Position Those We Parted Ways With

Rank Comm Tech

Character Information

Gender Female
Place Of Birth Luna
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5 / 165cm
Weight 108lbs / 49kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description As a native to Luna, Adrie is more bone than skin and there isn’t even much of that. She’s gone down Earth’s well often enough that she doesn’t suffer from Belter deformities, but she still prefers lower-gee environments. Of an indeterminate European descent, Adrie’s angular face is dominated by her bright, brown puppy-dog eyes.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Adrie is an introvert, though she is no less outspoken for it. The circles in which she was raised and spent her professional life seldom allowed for her to be the smartest person in the room despite her above-average intelligence. As such, it’s easy for her to talk down to others without intending it. She is impatient with intentional rudeness or willful ignorance, but will make allowances for genuine faults or shortcomings in others. As an only child, she was forced to make sibling relationships with friends and developed a strong sense of teamwork as a result. Despite her internal drive and initiative, she is seldom one to take the lead in any project. She is, however, only to be ignored at one’s peril.
Adrie has a passion for nature and the outdoors, likely born from her Luna-based childhood, but her preference for low-gee environments is more than worth the tradeoff. She’s not so great with weapons or engine systems, but there is not a piece of computing hardware that she could not make friends with. If it runs on any sort of advanced algorithms, then she would make it her bitch and expect it to say thank you.
Given to situational complaining, Adrie is quick to take offense, but there is little she would not forgive in exchange for sufficient amounts of hard candies.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Computer programming expertise
+ Fast learner/intuitive
+ Acquainted with most UNN subcultures
+ Conversational in several languages

- Doer not a fighter
- Not particularly mechanical
- Inexperienced with the ways and people of the Belt
Ambitions What's it to you?

Personal History Adrie was born and raised on Luna, which means nobody in her immediate family ever knew the struggles of living on Basic Assistance. Family vacations and school trips to Earth gave her a well-rounded experience in the hearth world of humanity. As an only child, Adrie tried to find relationships wherever she could, but her introverted personality made it difficult to forge any lasting friendships. Whenever she moved on from one school, program, or vacation spot to another, it was often with the memories and nothing more.

Everybody is supposedly selected at random for training and apprenticeships, but Adrie always suspected that her rising star through programming school and beyond was far from coincidental. It didn’t bother her much, though, since it just seemed to be the way of things. The world seemed fine enough organized the way that it was, seeing as how Adrie found herself envying many of the downwell citizens of Earth in the way they might envy her upbringing on Luna.

After graduating, Adrie was hired on as a junior programmer for TerraFirmware and enjoyed the pay and privilege of working for the top defense contractor in cybersecurity for the United Nations. Between her natural aptitude and the nepotism of being born into the shadow aristocracy of Luna, Adrie’s star rose fast and strong as she excelled from one project to another as a senior level programmer.

In time, Adrie made deputy director for an ultra classified project. Six months later, a missing person’s report was filed as she disappeared into the Belt.
Employment Record Na ask about former bossmang. Mi ya gútegow, sa-sa ke? Wait, let me try that again...