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Pilot Daniela Pareja

Name Daniela Pareja

Position Pilot

Rank Pilot

Character Information

Gender Female
Place Of Birth Ganymede Station
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 119lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Typical for a Belter Born on Ganymede she stands a bit above Earther Average for a woman, but not as tall and lanky as you low gravity belter. Her heritage as a half inner shows through in her build and lower rates of gene issues. Dani has an athletic build for a Belter, she’s someone who’s seen a lot of manual work in her life and crewing up ships that needed heavy repairs. Dani has two starburst tattoos on her shoulders. This same pattern travels her arms and up the back and sides of her neck.


Family Violeta Pareja (Mother)
Unknown Biological Father
Tony Yamada (Step-Father)
Serena Yamada (Step-Sister)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Daniela is a driven woman, like many Belters she’s learned to depend on herself as well as her ship and crew to survive. A woman of action, she hates sitting around, she loves getting her hands dirty. She'd rather take things head on, personally and perfessionally.

While she’s proud of her heritage and exemplifies many of the best traits of her kind, Daniela is not exactly what you’d call your average proud belter. She hates the rah rah OPA first attitude of many of her brethren. She finds them hypocritical and often more corrupt than the inners, at least they’re open about it all. More than once her attitude and quick tempter have gotten Daniela into a bit of trouble and more than one hospital bed. While she has been educated enough to speak standard her accent and cadence are clearly belter. In fact her accent is often heavy enough that Inners have a hard time understanding, a point which annoys Dani to no end. Even speaking their language they don't hear her.

Despite her rather hard attitude toward inners, she’s also curious, wanting to understand them as a people. The only thing she really knows about her real father is he’s from the inner planets. She assumes Mars but doesn’t really know. Now and then she’s curious about who he really was, but most of the time she just resents the man for leaving her and her mother.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Daring pilot with lacking formal training
Brave and firm in her convictions
A woman of action
Takes no shit

Bit of a hot head and quicker to action than consideration
Doesn’t like OPA members, sometimes violently
Has a lingering fear of not measuring up, in her Darker moments, Dani is terrified of letting her family down. Ever since her Mother remarried she’s wondered if she was good enough.

Ambitions Dani wants to live, to really experience life. But what that looks like she doesn't know. She wants to prove herself in her Mother's eye or she says she does.

Personal History

  • Like many Belters, Daniela's mother didn’t exactly live in the best of conditions. She didn’t actually know who Daniela’s father was. While he didn’t stick around, he also made sure they had enough to make a start of things.

  • All she ever told Daniela was that he was an inner and couldn’t stay for all their safety.
  • Daniela was lucky enough to be born on Ganymede and actually grow up there. So many like her were born and had to leave barely stable. Because of this, she grew up stronger and with more of a chance at an education than most.

  • Of course like all Belters, eventually good things had to come to an end. Her mother lost her job at the shipyards, and for some reason wasn’t able to find more work. Daniela would later find out that the local OPA had blacklisted her for not paying her ‘Protection Fee’.

  • Bouncing around for a time between various stations dodging OPA factions where they were known they eventually ended up at Corley Station on Titan.

  • It wasn’t much better here, looked down upon by the primarily Earth-born workers and residents of the station. But they weren’t destitute and Daniela was able to continue her education while her mother worked at the Docks.

  • It was here that Daniela discovered her love of flying, often spending time at the docks after school as she quickly was known in the area. Insistently bugging each crew that docked anyone else would have been a nuisance. But the Dock Master Tony Yamada had a thing for her mum, so he let her hang around and even taught her a thing or two.

  • When she turned 14 her Mother arranged for her to fly her first Rock Hopper. It wasn’t anything too flashy, just a maintenance move from one of the hangars to the orbital drydock. But it was the most exhilarating thing Daniela had ever experienced.

  • By 17 she was working at the Docks alongside her mother after school and not too long after flying freight runs between the Saturnian moons.

  • This was also around the time that her mother’s relationship grew and she actually married. Daniela was happy for a time, she had a job and a family. But once her mother got pregnant she started to feel more isolated, her mother kept talking about how she wanted to make sure that Serena had the opportunities Daniela didn’t.

  • She understood it, but in her adolescent mind, it seemed that she wasn’t good enough for her parents. That she was a failure or just didn’t measure up to what her mother wanted.

  • This spurred her to start looking out for what her future would be. Daniela learned more about being a pilot and it wasn’t long before she signed onto her first flight out of the Saturnian moons.

  • Her first real flight was a simple jaunt to grab an asteroid but Daniela was hooked, there was a rush about Flying a ship far from home.

  • By her early 20s she’d started running fright from Saturn to Mars and even as far to Luna one time.

  • Seeing Earth even from Orbit was amazing… but it did make her question Earthers all the more. To have all of that and yet want more, it didn’t make sense.

  • Daniela eventually started working more long haul freight, even taking a run on an Ice Hauler once, but found it boring. Was a nice excuse to visit home for a while.

  • Daniela was glad, her next flight took her out by Ceres running fright and even taking a few transport runs to Ganymede.

  • It was during this time that the local OPA faction tried to recruit her, always having a need for Pilots. The person she spoke to was the same kind of smarmy git who got her family pushed out of their home and she wasn’t afraid to let him know.

  • He didn’t take to it well and it just so happened that the freighter Daniela was flying had a run-in with Pirates on their way to Ganymede. Daniela detached from their cargo container turned transport hub and was able to dodge the pirates until they were saved by the OPA faction.

  • It was pretty clear they’d set up the whole thing, not sure as a Warning or an attempt to recruit. But Daniela hopped ships at their next port signing on for a run back to Saturn.
  • Laying low for a bit and forced to take up whatever work came her way. More than once she had to… make ends meet. Thankfully there was a fair bit of turnover on the docks and Daniela was able to get a job in maintenance. Despite the steady work working on ships rather than flying on deepened her resentment for the OPA and their bullshit about being advocates and defenders of belters.

  • After the Inner’s battle above Ganymede, Daniela felt she had to do something. Signing on aboard the Boasting Orca, a transport ship they headed out to help with the evacuation. On the way, the ship was converted to house refugees.

  • Making several runs before the Martian blockade was put into place, they ended up sitting out in space for weeks before they could make their last pickup.

  • By the time the Orca made it back to Titan the war between Earth and Mars was over. Still, her family had wanted to do more.

  • As the system resettled, and demilitarized Daniela tried to get used to the new order of things. Suddenly it wasn’t just UN or MCR patrols on the space lanes, but OPA. Many of the same ships that she knew to dodge on the space lanes and had even tried to board them in the past.

  • Just as she was starting to get used to things of course the universe sent another curve their way. The ring gate was opened and suddenly there was a rush out to new planets… and the inners had to have full control over it like always. Like they had some right to every world in space.

  • The mass exodus of Belters and other settlers away took many experts away from Ganymede and that made up her Mother’s mind, in less than a month her family was packed and heading back to the Galilean moon.

  • Needing a new job, but not wanting to be stuck on a dock gig again and after a brief search, she found work on a freighter heading for Mars

Employment Record

  • Boasting Orca

  • Corley Station Docks

  • Sharra's Gift

  • Majestic Himilco

  • Corley Station Docks

  • Synchiropus Splendidus