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Passenger Kol Wescott-Fitzgerald

Name Kol Wescott-Fitzgerald

Position Those We Parted Ways With

Second Position Those We Parted Ways With

Rank Passenger

Character Information

Gender Male
Place Of Birth Scotland, Earth
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 250lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kol is a tall, athletic, Caucasian male. He has brunette hair that he keeps short on the sides and slightly longer on the top, he brushes it to the side. He keeps his facial hair short and well-kempt.

On duty, the way Kol dresses is down to circumstance. On Earth, he typically wears a trendy suit. In space, he wears a black VAC suit. When visiting the belt, and off duty, Kol tends to dress less formally. He usually wears a black mag boot, boot-cuts combo paired with a t and a casual shirt.


Family - Father: Supervisory Special Agent Harold Fitzgerald, (52), United Nations Investigations Bureau.
- Mother: Mrs Lauren Wescott, (51), Author.
Twin Brother: Thomas Westcott-Fitzgerald, (28), Engineer.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Relentlessly curious and strong-willed, Kol can be a force of nature when motivated. He is an intelligent young man who is greatly interested in human behaviour, specifically that of violent offenders. After years in Major Crimes, his world view has been skewed, he is slow to trust and intentionally keep those around him at arm's length. He dislikes causing unnecessary harm, even when apprehending more responsive perps, though appreciates that sometimes it’s the only possible response.

Though not a belter, he has always secretly agreed with Belt Independence, personally believing that the wishes of the belts citizens should carry more weight than the UN and Martian officials who had barely left the comfort of their homeworlds.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Talented Investigator
+ Determined
+ Curious
- Slow to trust
- Stubborn
- Defiant
Ambitions At current Kol just gets by a day at a time and perhaps one day rebuilds his career with the UNIB.

Personal History Kol comes from a family of comfortable economic position. For generations, the Fitzgerald’s had been lucky enough to avoid a life on basic and their appreciation showed. Lauran Wescott and Harold Fitzgerald had been childhood sweethearts so it came as no surprise when the pair fell pregnant and announcements were made. What did shock the family was the news it would be twins, a first in the family for many generations.

Whilst his father worked at building a lasting career with the United Nations Investigations bureau (UNIB) his wife Lauren remained at home and focussed on her career as a creative writer. Harold would spend a significant amount of time out on field assignment and as such the children would later develop a closer bond with their mother.

Kol’s years as a youth were happy. He lived a relatively normal life and did well throughout his schooling, growing even more dedicated to his studies once he’d settled on a career in law enforcement. After high school, he attended Edinburgh University acquiring dual honours in criminology and law. With support from his father, Kol was able to enter the UNIB academy and work towards the career he’d worked towards. He graduated and would eventually be promoted to Senior Special Agent within the Crime Investigations Division, eventually ending up in white-collar crime. Several months after getting promoted he was sent to Eros as punishment for insubordination.
Employment Record UNIB Academy, London, Earth:
- Enrolled: 2344
- Rank: New Trainee Agent
- Division: Criminal Investigations
- Graduated: 2345

UNIB London Office, London, Earth:
- Year Started: 2345
- Position: Special Agent
- Division: Violent Crime
- Year Transferred: 2347

UNIB Lovel City Office, Lovell City, Luna:
- Year Started: 2347
- Position: Special Agent (2347-9), Senior Special Agent (2349)
- Division: White Collar Crime
- Year Transferred: 2350

Field Agent, Eros:
- Year Started: 2350
- Position: Senior Special Agent
- Division: White Collar Crime
- Year Finished: N/A