Season 1-A Time Of Change

Season 1-A Time Of Change

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The Forgotten Arm

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The crew of the SS Albatross dock at the port of Eros Station, handing over their cargo of scientific supplies to an eager representative of the Protogen Corporation. This is the end of a series of good jobs for the crew and with the prospect of a big payday and bonuses, high spirits all around. Protgen even got them rooms at Eros Lux, one of the premier gaming and recreational hot spots on Eros Station.

But with the shock destruction of the ice haulier Canterbury, supposedly at the hands of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy according to the infamous broadcast of James Holden, the atmosphere of the station is tense. Will the long run cold war between Earth and Mars suddenly go hot? Or will cooler heads prevail?

A Shadow On Velvet

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The crew of the SS Albatross escape Eros Station, but at what cost? Now is a time to reflect, plan, and figure out the next step for the crew of a private courier ship.

Why did their Captian arrange a meeting with Dr Tekkaden, a woman still deeply haunted by the discovery of the Pheobo Bug/Protomolecule? Did he know more about what was going to happen than he let on?

And if that was not bad enough, the bad news just keeps coming...

Port In A Storm

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With little fuel and fewer options thanks to their rapid departure from Eros Station, and the freezing of their legal accounts, the crew of the Albatross limp into High Elysium on little more than fumes. But even a week after fleeing the ProtoMolecule infection of Eros, tensions between Earth and Mars remain high. And whilst High Eylisim, the Mars space elevator tether station, is a civilian port there are not many parts of the red planet not overseen by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy.

Ticket To Rhea

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The crew escape the destruction of Deimos and the beginning of the Earth/Mars War. Tasked with carrying the illicit cargo for the McCullagh to the moon Rhea in the Saturnian Confederation, the crew burn at a steady gee towards their destination. Unbeknownst to the crew of the Albatross, something is amiss with the cargo. What should have been a simple case of 'if the money is there, we do not care' turns into a life and death struggle?

Could this be karma correcting the crew's survival at both Eros Station and High Elysium?

Ring's Of Gold & Palladium

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The crew of the SS Albatross take some well-needed shore leave in the Saturnian Confederacy. With their ship being patched up by the United Nations Navy following the events of the previous mission, this is a chance for the crew to say goodbye to some and welcome others.

But they had come out to Saturn to do a job for payment, and the fact they didn't meet the terms of the contract due to being shot at won't appease the people who pay top dollar for their product. And that's the least of the problems facing the crew of the courier ship Albatross.

A Knife In The Darkness

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On a six-month cruise out to Pluto guarding a cargo drone of precious materials, will the crew mix well in their confinement?