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Your new room

Posted on Fri May 15th, 2020 @ 4:35pm by Medical Officer Alex Garcia & Executive Officer Kenneth McTigue

Mission: The Forgotten Arm
Timeline: 90 minutes after ' Welcome Home, Now Go Away'

The burn was still a solid G and a half, but nothing Ken wasn't used to. True, it had been over a decade since he walked on Earth, but his body was literally made to walk under these kind of stresses. And he had been a very good boy about taking his calcium supplements and his workout. The deck hatch clanked close as the elevator rose to the medical level. With heavy steps he stepped off and into the short hallway to the medical bay. "Garcia, you in here?" Ken asked as he stepped through the door.

Leaning back on the stool he'd perched on to go over the ship's medical logs and tech manuals, Alex saw the ship's XO where he stood, looking at him from the entrance of the med bay. "In here!" he called out, waving his arm to get the other man's attention.

"Hey." Ken greeted and approached him. "We've not really introduced, besides getting a pistol slapped in your hand. Ken McTigue. Engineer, XO, part owner."

Alex stood as the other man approached, reaching out a hand as he finished his introduction. "Alex Garcia, ex-MCRN, trained medic, jobless bum," He replied, only partially joking.

Ken's friendly smile dropped, "Another MCRN sailor? I can never get a nice UNN sailor, now can I?" Ken joked, his friendly smile returned. "I'm UNMC retired myself."

Alex nodded, "Luck of the draw I guess. Probably less UNMC people out here signing up on non-military ships." He felt slightly like the joke had been at least a little bit serious, but he was expecting that. The MCRN wasn't very well-liked by non-Martians on the whole. And frankly, they had earned that, not like he could really blame anyone.

"Speaking of which, what's a retired UNMC doing on a ship like this? If you don't mind my asking," he added.

Ken gave the room a look as he thought about the answer. "The captain is retired UNN, well, was retired UNN. We shipped together before the 'Tross. He and I pooled our money, and Mick joined with us, to buy ourselves a better future than shipping with a big corp would get us. And Mickey being Mickey, well, he found us the ship."

Alex nodded, "That certainly explains that, then. Sounds like it was a pretty sound investment, and y'all seem to be doing fairly well with it..." he replied. "Have you guys had much need for medics in the past or am I here more of an in case shit sort of thing?"

"Bit of both." Ken shrugged. "We are an armed transport ship, so we don't get hassled by pirates all that much. But when we do we might need you. Plus you've seen the kind of client we take on on occasion, and the equipment needed for that. We've had our fair share of scrapes and bumps, enough that it's worth it to us to keep a doctor of some kind around. Wouldn't be the first time I've broken a bone on shore leave."

Ken glanced at the door, "How about I show you your bunk?"

"Sounds good to me," Alex replied, waving an arm towards the open doorway. "Lead on!"

And Ken did so, leading them down two decks with the lift. "Everybody has their own bunk. Mickey sleeps just below the bridge, I sleep closest to the reactor. We got a nice spot for you in between." Ken tapped his handterminal against the door, and it slid open. Light strips sprung on, showing a full-size crashcouch to one side, webbing against the bulkhead for terminals and gear. On the other side were two lockers. A nice high definition media screen was bolted at the foot of the couch. "We usually keep the cabins unlocked, but you're free to lock it if you prefer. Mickey and I have universal access, but we don't use it unless there is need." And Ken stepped out of the way, into the cabin.

Stepping inside Alex took a look around. It was a small cabin, but larger than anything he'd ever had on an MCRN ship, that was for sure. And the media screen was a nice touch. He'd always made do with the communal ones, or a small handterminal to access media. "I don't see any reason to keep it locked, at least until I'm given one," Alex said, meaning every word. He was generally a trusting man until someone took that trust and abused it. "In any case, this will do quite nicely. A little fancier than I'm used to, but I'm sure I'll adjust."

Ken nodded and looked around again. "Our last doc didn't like it. She said she missed the gold fittings on the shower. But anyway, I think we need to run through a few rules and expectations for as long as you're on board."

Alex dropped onto the bed, and chuckled, "Some people are never happy with anything." He then nodded, "And go right ahead, I'm good with rules, and I tend to try to at least meet expectations, even if I don't always exceed them," he added with another light chuckle.

"Let's start with the pistol you have. I'll need that back. All weapons are secured in the weapon locker on board." Ken said, holding up his hand.

Alex grinned, and reached back to grab the weapon from where he'd tucked it. Holding it by the barrel he handed it over to the other man. "There you go. And that's a damned good policy to have in place," he said.

"What's up next?"

Ken accepted the weapon, cleared its chamber, and dropped the magazine before pocketing both parts. "You don't go into Engineering or the machine shop without invitation or permission. And there's a rota for chores. You're up for cleaning the head and shower in three days."

Looking back on his days as a new recruit, and a junior officer in the MCRN it all seemed quaintly familiar, and he nodded along. "Sounds about right to me, only so many people, and always something to do. And as for engineering, and the machine shop, I'd be absolutely useless in either one, so that you will not need to worry about."

"I think that covers the few key things. Of course the rules stand about not being drunk while on watch, not nicking other people's stuff, you know, the usual." Ken explained. "And if you jeopardize the safety of the ship or her crew bad things will befall you."

"Wouldn't want it any other way," Alex replied. "This isn't just a ship, it's our home, you gotta be safe in your home or it just doesn't work out in the end."

Ken nodded with approval. "Right. So, do you have any questions I can answer for you while we're talking?"

Alex pondered the for a few moments, and then looked up, "No, not really. Seems pretty cut and dry to me, honestly. We haul stuff, if anyone gets hurt, I patch 'em up. Between all that, if stuff needs doing, I get to help out doing it."

"That settles it then." Ken moved to step out the room before turning around, "Oh, about the galley. Most food is for general consumption, coffee and tea is too. Drinks that aren't yours are off-limits, food that is labelled is doubly so. And don't just drink someone's booze, you wouldn't've been the first crewmember to get a black eye for that."

Chuckling, Alex nodded, "Understood," he replied. He damn sure understood. Alcohol wasn't cheap, and most of it wasn't good, but it did the trick, and when someone took it and you were looking forward to it, that was a recipe for a much-needed ass whooping. "You got any questions you want to ask? Since I am going to be working for you, at least on a trial basis."

"Nothing the background check won't reveal." Ken answered, and let the door slip close and walk away before Alex could reply.


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