Charon's Opus :: UNN Bletchley Park Class Stealth Frigate

UNN Bletchley Park Class Stealth Frigate

Created by Commanding Officer Mickey Serendipity on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 @ 12:28am

During the United Nations Navy Fleet 2300 Modernisation Program the UNN was still at the forefront of stealth technology. This was reflected in the Dillenger-class patrol corvette. A magnificent piece of silent but deadly equipment. But she had a bigger brother. The Bletchley Park class Frigate is the UNN's primary signal and visual intelligence platform, and the only ship to come out of the butchering of the 2300 Modernisation Progam intact.

Large internal heatsinks absorb the ship's drive heat, her baffling spread heat, and her light absorbing coating could dissipate extensive heat into the ship's heatsinks. The angling of her armour plating scatters any radio signals out in such a manner that they simply dissipated into slightly louder galactic background noise. It has been known in the MCRN that coming across a Bletchley Park frigate is the most frustrating fight they can have.

Unique to the Bletchley Park class was her inclusion of cold-gas vents. These served dual purposes. Spread across the ship it could expel small pockets of inert gasses that would disperse lidar beams. It would then allow the Bletchley Park to expel a larger amount of gas to push the ship out of the trajectory of the beam. These are common gasses in the solar system.

For defensive measures the 1MW lasers were considered as point defense weapons. But where the Dillenger was sneaky, the Bletchley Park was pretending to be a hole in space. This meant the heat of the lasers would allow her adversaries to more easily lock onto her. So eight traditional Mikazuki Munitions Mk. 23 PDC 5 barrel PDC turrets were installed for extensive overlapping fields of fire. The only truly offensive physical weapon the Bletchley Park class carried were her four internally mounted torpedo tubes. Each was loaded with fifteen Hermes-class plasma torpedoes.

It was common for a Bletchley Park to try and avoid the fight, using everything from her cold-gas anti-detection system, to her extensive electronic countermeasure package, to her PDC cannons, all to faciliate a safe escape. Captains were informed that it was more acceptable to lose part of the fleet she might be escorting than it would be to have a Bletchley Park-class frigate captured. When driven into a corner however, the frigate was a horror to fight. Her hard-to-target signature meant that torpedoes were often useless. The return fire from the Bletchley Park was a dozen torpedoes, on a far closer range than any MCRN or Belter captain ever expected.

The most famous, or infamous, of the Bletchley Park-class frigates was the UNN Alan Turing. Flagship of the UNN Jupiter fleet intelligence chief. Stories have been told about the success of the Turing. One particularly oft-repeated tale is that the Turing snuck up on the MCRN Alamo, a heavy cruiser. It came so close that it could see the cracks in the helmet of the mechanic doing EVA duty. It kindly sent a warning via the UNN Homer Allegor, the UNN fast attack destroyer shadowing the Alamo, about it.

The Turing is also rumoured to be involved with the flowers being delivered to the wife of MCRN Captain Aarthi Miller after their divorce finalised. The recordings of Captain Miller begging his wife to not divorce him circulated through UNN Fleet Command for weeks before the divorce was even finalised.