Specifications - SS Albatross

Specifications - SS Albatross


The SS Albatross is a privately owned decommissioned warship turned fast courier. It is operated by the Charon Courier Corporation LLC registered out of Vesta Station.


Class Dillinger Class Corvette
Role Screening Unit/System Patrol Craft
Duration 50 Years
Time Between Refits 2 Years
Time Between Resupply 6 months


Length 63 meters
Width 30 meters
Height 30 meters
Decks 8


Officers Original UNN Spec 6
Officer Berths 2 (Single Berth)
Enlisted Berths 4 (2xBunk Beds)
Marine/Civilian Berths 4 (4xBunk Beds)
Enlisted Crew Original UNN Spec 15
Marines Original UNN Spec 15
Emergency Capacity Original UNN Spec Max 40 Total


Cruise Speed Original UNN Spec 0.75 Gee
Maximum Speed Original UNN Spec 3.0G
Emergency Speed Original UNN Spec 15.0G (Crew Support Advised)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

6 Lockheed Martin 1MW rated laser head point defence turrets. (Partially replaced with Phobos Munitions Hydra Autocannons.)
8 internally racked Rafel Mk56 ADCAP Plasma Warhead Torpedoes. (Downgraded from Mk56 Advanced Capacity torpedoes to Rafel Mk30 Sparrowhawks, the civilian export model)
Keel mounted rail gun capable of firing Teflon coated titanium ball bearings in a grapeshot formation once every 30 seconds at 97% of .c. (Totally removed. Utterly gone. Yup. Nothing down in the keel to look at except our engineers copper wire collection.)
Armament Small arms, shotguns, civilian rated body armour good for both pressure and vacuum use.

And a pair of brass knuckles and a punch knife we lost somewhere.


Cargo Capacity 4 Cargo Cells. Each cell has a volume of 33.1m3 and is accessible from an interior pressure hatch and a recessed exterior cargo door. Cells are designed for vacuum and pressurised environments and are rated for transportation of perishable cargo in a temperature controlled environment.
Small Arms License License are up to date for the possession and movement of personal defence weapons across international and interplanetary borders.