Washing it all away!

Posted on Sat Sep 5th, 2020 @ 8:23am by Passenger Emma Yonkers

The water started spraying out of the over head spout, falling down and splashing down onto Emma's head. It was hot, almost burning, and she was happy she could feel it. Running her fingers through her short hair, she reveled in the way each strand ran across her skin and slid against calluses on her palms. With the ship burning at a quarter gee the water flowed down her body slowly, leaving her feeling close to being wrapped in a warm blanket.

Sighing, Emma opened her eyes and looked at the wall of the shower. It flashed quickly before her eyes. She swore she was looking at the tomb's panel that was before her for lifetimes. stifling the scream into a loud grunt, she slid down the wall to end up sitting on the floor. Her legs were pulled in tight and she started crying.

Everything started crashing down around her. There was just so much wrong. She should still be at that damned Terriformer working her days away, mopping floors, making sure the computers were still plugging away, changing light bulbs and fuses. These weren't the glamorous job she had drempt of as a kid, but nor did the Marines really stand up to what she envisioned.

But this... To be trapped in a casket and shipped to gods' knew where! Kidnapped and left her family to wonder what happened to her. Waking up and being shot and tied up, just for being there. Sure she attacked them, but how was she to know they didn't know she was there. She was supposed to be just a box of weapons.

She had been curled up there crying long enough for the shower's automatic off system to kick in and kill the stream that was falling on her. Still she sat there leaning against the wall crying. If she had seen herself like this as a DI back in the Marines she would have kicked herself and made her run in full gear and environment suit. Here and now though she just let her body work out the trauma she had been through the way mankind had for thousands of years, breaking down, going into shock, and letting it all out via tears.


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